For more than 30 years, KST Lighting has been a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic and lighting equipment’s (luminaries, electronic inverters and converters, LED lighting systems,…) for the rolling stock market like trains, metros, tramways, buses,…

KST Lighting is driven by the will to create, develop and manufacture reliable, performing and innovative products which match your needs and respect your budgets

We have the control of the know-how, from design to manufacturing. This allows us to ensure quality, reliability and the best response to your expectations. 


Our services

  • The design, the manufacture and the supply of a wide range of electronic DC and AC inverters and converters (LED lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps) 
  • The design, the manufacture and the supply of complete lighting system as reading lamps, passenger compartment lighting, luggage rack lighting,    
      vestibules, toilets, gangways, emergency, etc 

KST Lighting  supports the customer throughout the project : Design, R&D, prototype and manufacture.

Our main asset : A GLOBAL SERVICE

KST Lighting is present during all the vehicle life time: : New projects / Refurbishment / Maintenance / OEM


The quality, our priority

All our products are accredited and approved by our customers and operators according to norms and standards of the railway market.

KST Lighting has worldwide customers validations/ accreditations and our products are in compliance with railway norms: international, european and national 100% of our products are controlled by internal tests. 

With this policy of total quality, KST Lighting wants to be and stay the reference of Quality on the Rolling stock market.